Nato to boost troops in Kosovo

Monday, 11 September, 2000

Nato said on Monday it would boost its troop strength in Kosovo before the Yugoslav elections, scheduled for later this month.
In a meeting near Athens, commanders said 2,000 more troops would be sent to deal with possible violence.
"There might be some violence, politically-motivated violence," said Admiral Guido Venturoni.
Britain, France, Italy and Greece would each send a battalion.
About 36,000 Nato-led peacekeepers are currently stationed in Kosovo, which is still formally part of Yugoslavia but has been under a United Nations administration since the Nato bombing last June.
National elections are to be held in Yugoslavia on 24 September while municipal elections will be held in Kosovo on 28 October.

Wave of violence
A wave of political violence has racked Kosovo in recent months.
In the latest incident, on Monday, the house of a senior member of the leading Kosovo Albanian political party, Fatmir Pireci, was hit by a Molotov cocktail.
The attack damaged the building but caused no injuries, UN police spokesman Dmitri Kaportsev said.
Mr Pireci was a spokesman for the Democratic League of Kosovo (LDK).
LDK members and buildings have been the target of a series of attacks in the run-up to the province's first post-war municipal elections.
The attack followed the murder of another leading politician.
The Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe - which is organising the polls - says it is investigating up to 20 such incidents.
However it says it has been unable to determine who is behind the violence, due to a lack of witnesses.
The LDK is expected to win against its bitter rival, the Democratic Party of Kosovo (PDK).

Journalist disappears
In another development, a journalist working for the Serbian programme of Kosovo Radio-TV has disappeared, the independent Belgrade-based radio station B2-92 reported.
The journalist has not been seen by his girlfriend, friends or family since Saturday.
His associates assumed that he was abducted because he was one of the few Albanians to speak Serbian publicly in Pristina, the radio station reported.
His disappearance follows the murder of another Kosovo journalist on Sunday.
Journalist Shefki Popova was gunned down on Sunday night in the town of Vucitrn, 18km (12 miles) from Pristina.
It is not known who carried out the attack.
He had worked for the local Albanian-language newspaper Rilindja and its radio station for 26 years. Both are closely linked with the LDK.

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