Nato spy 'leaked bombing secrets'

Thursday, 9 March, 2000

A mole at Nato headquarters is alleged to have leaked secrets of the Kosovo campaign to the Yugoslav military command.

Information leaked during the first two weeks of the campaign included targets to be hit and precise flight paths, according to intelligence sources within the US Air Force.

Details of the deployment of Nato reconnaissance operations were allegedly given to Belgrade, enabling the Serbs to move troops and equipment out of the target zones.

The allegations are the subject of a BBC television documentary called Moral Combat: Nato At War, to be broadcast on Sunday.

The BBC programme says that General Wesley Clark, Nato's Supreme Allied Commander, was convinced that there was a mole inside the organisation.

"I know I have a spy, I want to find him," he is said to have told colleagues at the time.

Leak plugged

Access to details of daily air tasking orders allocating missions and targets - which initially went to 600 people on a secure computer network - was cut back to 100, and it is said that the leaks stopped immediately.

A Nato spokesman said the alliance's military headquarters had no knowledge or evidence that the air tasking orders were compromised.

He insisted that security procedures were continually reviewed and that steps were taken to ensure that sensitive information reached only those with a need to know.

The BBC's defence correspondent, Andrew Gilligan, says the mole has not been caught, but heavy hints are being dropped that it was not a leak from Nato headquarters itself, but from one of the national delegations attached to it or from a national government.

Stealth bomber

In August last year it was reported that a spy may have leaked the flight plan of an American F-117A stealth fighter shot down by Yugoslav forces during the Kosovo conflict.

The Scotsman newspaper alleged that an unidentified Nato officer leaked top secret flight plans and mission targets to Russian military intelligence, who passed the information on to the Serbs.

In November 1998, a senior French military officer was arrested and detained in Paris on charges of spying for the Yugoslav Government.

The BBC programme also reveals that a Swedish financier was sent on a secret mission to Moscow and Belgrade during the war.

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