YU's neighbours meet in Bulgaria

Saturday, 22 January, 2000

The prime ministers of seven countries bordering Yugoslavia have discussed the after-effects of the war in Kosovo.

At their meeting in the Bulgarian spa resort of Khisarya they urged Western officials to implement the Stability pact which is intended to improve the region's infrastructure and increase investment.

The Bulgarian Prime Minister, Ivan Kostov, called for progress on easing the sanctions against Yugoslavia, but his Albanian counterpart, Ilir Meta, said this would mean a victory for the Belgrade regime.

The European Union's foreign policy coordinator, Javier Solana, who attended the summit along with other EU and NATO officials, described Yugoslavia as a 'black hole' which had to be resolved. He said he would take a message of the summit's concerns, including the blockage of the river Danube, to a meeting of EU foreign ministers on Monday.

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