Kostunica's manifesto

Aug 13, 2000

BELGRADE, Sunday - Democratic Party of Serbia announced today that it was to participate in the forthcoming elections as a part of the Serbian Democratic Opposition and stated their intention to support Vojislav Kostunica as their choice for president, reports B2-92.

Kostunica said that his manifesto was to be based on the Democratic Party of Serbia manifesto and on the G17+ reforms proposed recently. He also suggested to the other parties that he might renounce his candidature if Montenegro decided not to participate, so that Montenegro might suggest a candidate who could better reconciled the rival interests in the republic. He also announced that, should he win at the elections, he would respect the existing constitution, and would tackle the problem of the federation. Should the current government fail to recognise his victory, all institutional and non-institution methods allowable by human and God's laws would be applied. There would be neither violence, nor foreign intervention. He added that the USA was the second most responsible, after Milosevic, for the suffering of the Serbian people, and that they must never again rebuild the state with injustice.

"No foreign advertising agency will run the campaign for me. I will not accept suggestions to change myself as a person or as a politician, I cannot give up my deepest national feelings or political beliefs. We will respect the current constitution until we can change it. The Yugoslav President actually has very little authority, its a ceremonial post rather than the all powerful job that Milosevic has made it," he said.

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