New liberation army in southern Serbia

Mch 01, 2000

FRANKFURT, Tuesday Tension is growing in the border municipalities of southern Serbia with the alleged formation of the Liberation Army of Presevo, Medvedja and Bujanovic, German daily Frankfurter Rundschau wrote today. A German journalist, writing from the village of Dobrosin reports seeing fighters wearing Albanian insignia with the acronym UCPMB, adding that the entrance to the village was guarded by men in combat uniforms armed with Kalashnikov rifles. He quotes one member of the unit as saying that the organisation was still not a regular army but could mobilise up to 10,000 men. The paper reports that KFOR US headquarters in Gnjilane were watching the developments on the other side of the border with growing concern.

A United Nations employee officially stationed in Belgrade was wounded today near Presevo, on the Albanian border, international sources told Beta agency. The UN official was one of two travelling in a marked United Nations vehicle when fire was opened from an unknown direction. Sources close to the UN in Pristina reported that the employee, Marcel Grogan, was wounded in the leg in the attack and had undergone surgery in the US base near Urosevac in Kosovo. Grogan and the other official had been on an official visit to the region and were not in or travelling towards Kosovo. Beta's sources were unable to give the exact location of the incident.

Meanwhile, eyewitness reports have appeared today of a Yugoslav Army checkpoint near the Bozaj border crossing between Yugoslavia and Albania. According to the reports, army troops are checking vehicles and passengers about five kilometres from the crossing, but traffic is flowing smoothly in both directions.

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