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Spy in NATO during the Kosovo war was a US officer, report says

Thursday March 10, 2000

Berlin (dpa) - A reported mole in NATO who supplied target information to Serbia during last year's Kosovo war was a United States Air Force officer, a newspaper said Friday. Berlin's left-wing Tageszeitung newspaper said it had been contacted by the officer who had revealed his activities under the condition of strict anonymity after the war ended.

Earlier this week the Guardian newspaper in Britain published an advance BBC report claiming a mole had been active in NATO during the conflict.

The Tageszeitung said the U.S. officer had betrayed highly secret air tasking orders (ATO) for NATO jets taking part in air strikes during the first two weeks of the war. Among the missions he betrayed was that of the U.S. F-117 A Stealth fighter which was shot down by Yugoslav air defence systems.

During the first two weeks of the war NATO has said 600 people had access to the ATO, but this was then reduced to 100 people owing to American insistence.

According to the Tageszeitung, the officer said he passed information to Belgrade out of his belief that NATO attacks were not allowed under international law, and what he viewed as the "blackmail ultimatum" levelled at Yugoslavia by the United States and its Western allies prior to the conflict.

In Washington, Pentagon spokesman Kenneth Bacon was quoted by the Washington Post Friday as saying there had been "security problems" during the first two weeks of the Kosovo war.

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