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More than 44 000 landmines removed from border

Radosa Milutinovic


TIRANA - Some 44,200 anti-personnel mines have been destroyed so far on the border belt with Kosovo, a police spokesman reported.

The chief of Has district police commissariat, Ali Peca, said that the mine clearance operation, focused in the Qafe-Prushi border pass, the most infected area by anti-personnel mines, and it is being carried out by Slovenian company Ronko in cooperation with the district police structures.

The mine clearing operation on the border line in the Has district by Ronko started in mid June this year, with a fund of $2 million accorded by the US Government. The border line in that region of Albania was planted with anti-personnel mines by Serb forces, who wanted to prevent fighters of the Kosovo Liberation Army from entering their training and rehabilitation camps in Albania.

Military experts said that the mined area along the northeastern border of Albania with Kosovo, stretches for 125 more than kilometres, and covers and area of over 1,400 hectares.

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