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Teen suspected of shooting peacekeeper escapes


PRISHTINA - A 15-year-old ethnic Albanian boy suspected of killing a Russian peacekeeper has escaped again - crawling through a kitchen vent despite having his leg in a cast, UN police said Thursday.

Faton Hajrizi had been in custody off and on since late March in the shooting death of a Russian peacekeeper mortally wounded Feb. 2. Officials discovered he was missing late Wednesday, said UN police spokesman Charlie Johnson.

Hajrizi has escaped several times, breaking his leg during a breakout April 2, Johnson said. The boy reportedly admitted to his father that he shot Pvt. Igor Korshunov with the soldier's own gun after provoking a fight. Korshunov died March 2.

The 31-year-old Russian was one of 27 peacekeepers to die in Kosovo since the NATO-led force arrived in June, most from natural causes, traffic wrecks and accidents clearing explosives.

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