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Albania safe haven for drug traffic

Apl 05, 2000

TIRANA- Albania is depicted as a dangerous country in a seminar organized on the struggle against drug trafficking, held last week in Marseille, press reports said.

Daily Shekulli said that the conference on customs cooperation concluded that Albania is toping the list of the countries, along with Morocco, serving as a springboard for the drug trafficking network in West European countries.

The head of Regional Intelligence Liaison Office in the Custom World Organisation, in-charge for Western Europe, Herald Froehlich said that "out of 60 tonnes of hashish, seized in Western countries, 6.5 tonnes of narcotics have been originally smuggled from Albania and then transported through Italy."

Froehlich has mentioned as well an "sustainable increase in the hashish quantity transported from Albania," press reports said.

Froehlich said that over 100 kilogrammes of heroine seized in western European countries, during the last year had previously passed through Albania. Police sources said this figure shows a "frightening trend" as only 48 kilogrammes of seized heroine had passed through Albania in 1998.

Albania is also included in the network of marijuana traffic, and vaste areas have been planted with cannabis sativae in South Albania.

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