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Tuberculosis is becoming life-threatening in Albania

Apl 04, 2000

TIRANA- Tuberculosis (TBC) is actually turning out to be a bringing-to-death decease among Albanians, due to occurrence of a certain resistant bacillus, resulted to be immune to disposed antibiotics, sources close to Albanian Ministry of Health said.

Director of Primary Care in the Ministry of Health, Petrit Vasili told a press conference on Thursday some "100 thousand people get affected annually by mentioned bacilli, while 1 200 of the cases stand to be very dangerous".

The press conference attended by health deputy minister Gjergji Koja, consultant of World Health Organisation Lucita Ditiu and the Chairman of National Programme of the Fight against TBC Hasan Hafizi too, made public the number of TBC affected, seeking annually for treatment in Tirana Hospital for Treatment of Lung Diseases reaches up to 1 200 cases.

Primary Care Chief Vasili mentioned that 700 out of 1 200 represent a new appeared cases, while added that "some 300 of them are ill recidivist", i.e. persons whose decease appears repeatedly.

Irrespective the growing figures declared publicly in a press conference, sources say nothing about any preventive reliable policy to be adopted in the near future by the state structures in fighting the life-threatening decease. Till then, the rod-shaped bacterium occurred in chainlike formations in organism of Albanians will be still life-killing.

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