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FYROM minister says no Kosovar forces in Macedonia

Mch 31, 2000

SKOPJE - Macedonian Interior Minister Dosta Dimovska has denied that there are units of the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) in Macedonia.

"I can tell you firmly that there are no paramilitary formations in Macedonia and there have been no reports of activities by the Kosovo Liberation Army. The claims that the theatre of operations of the Kosovo Protection Corps spreads to parts of Macedonia are nothing but speculation," Dimovska has told Radio Skopje.

According to her, the main aim of spreading this disinformation via the media is to destabilise Macedonia in one key issue - good interethnic relations.

"The groups behind this speculation are against the participation of the Albanians, that is, our coalition partner Arben Xhaferri's Democratic Party of Albanians, in the government," Dimovska said.

She said that these groups were assisted by "the old services" and that their activities "benefit the policy of Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic and the spreading of the conflict from Kosovo to the wider region."

Dimovska also blamed the Yugoslav secret services for this year's bomb attacks on police stations in Kumanovo, Tetovo and the village of Oslomej near Kicevo.

Meantime, a Macedonian independent television station reported Tuesday, that an ethnic Albanian wanted in Macedonia for attempted murder was flown from Kosovo to Skopje Monday by the NATO-led peacekeeping force (KFOR),

The A1 station, citing justice ministry sources, said Xhavit Hasani was transported by a KFOR helicopter to Macedonia where he was handed over to the police. No official confirmation of Hasani's handover to the Skopje authorities was available.

But UN officials in Kosovo's capital Prishtina said Hasani had been deported to Macedonia on Saturday after being held in a US military detention facility for almost three months.

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