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Serb leader says YU army will never return to Kosovo

Mch 31, 2000

Serb leader says YU army will never return to VIENNA - Serbian Orthodox Archbishop Artemije, who is Kosovo's senior Serbian cleric and a key leader of the anti-Milosevic Serbian opposition there, said here on Wednesday that there will be no solution to the Kosovo problem as long as Milosevic and the "regime" remain in power.

Artemije added that the Yugoslav army will never return to the province because the local Serbs do not recognize it as their army.

He urged his fellow Serbs to admit the mistakes they have made in the past and to stop blaming others for their problems.

"The world has nothing against the Serbs," he added.

Elsewhere, Father Sava, who is Artemije's spokesman, said that pro-Milosevic Serbs staged "provocations" against him during his recent visit to London, Vesti reported Thursday.

Sava added that the Kosovo Serbs might join the UN's provisional advisory council in the province once Serbian refugees come home and KFOR ensures their security.

Serbia's deputy interior minister, Lt-Col-Gen Obrad Stevanovic, said earlier this week that Serbian police officers are in a permanent state of readiness to return to Kosovo.

He added that their presence there, with or without the international forces, would help resolve Kosovo's security problems. Stevanovic also told the Serbian newspaper Borba that Serbia would eventually bring members of the Kosovo Protection Corps and other "terrorists" to justice.

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