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Kosovo refugees have no right to stay in Germany

Mch 01, 2000

BERLIN - Courts in two German states ruled Monday that Kosovo Albanians can be expelled from the country because they no longer face persecution in Kosovo.

A court in the state of Hesse said they had no right to asylum nor protection against expulsion.

The court in Kassel cited the presence of the NATO-led forces (KFOR) and the UN-established interim administration in Kosovo, saying this meant that ethnic Albanians were "sufficiently safe from political persecution by the Yugoslav state for the foreseeable future."

Kosovo Albanians who return home face "no great danger to life, limb or freedom," conflict with Serbs was limited and the supply of food and medicine was being ensured by the UN refugee agency, the court held, concluding that no protection against expulsion was therefore necessary on humanitarian grounds.

In Lueneburg, a court ruled that ethnic Albanians from Kosovo in the state of Lower Saxony also no longer had protection against expulsion.

In very similar terms, this court said that there remained no reason not to send them back to their homeland, as the conditions for their existence there were secured by charitable organisations and they were "sufficiently safe" from political persecution.

The Lueneburg court noted that the Yugoslav state no longer held sway over the territory, whose security was ensured by the UN administration and the KFOR troops.

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