Albanian Daily News
Arsenals of weapons seized in two districts

Feb 17, 2000

TIRANA - Checks on cars for weapons showed incredible results on Sunday, news-agency ATA’s report showed. As many as 37,000 bullets were seized, enough to conduct a several-month defence for several families. Together with those, 59 guns, seven semi-automatic rifles, a machine gun, a TT pistol, six grenades and six interconnection accumulators, were seized during the police actions in the districts of Kavaja and Tepelena.

Police are leading a national effort to disarm the population, still awash with weapons looted in 1997.

A new law that enforces disarmament by the police within the first seven months of this year carries sentences of up to six months in jail for those found in possession of unlicensed weapons.

Recent successes against several major armed gangs in the country have made the police step into the second stage, the full disarmament of the population.

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