Albanian Daily News
US soldier charged with child sex murder to return to Kosovo

Feb 17, 2000

PRISHTINA - A US soldier charged with sexually abusing and murdering a Kosovo girl aged 11 is to return from a German jail for a pre-trial hearing at the main US base in Kosovo, US army officials said Wednesday.

Staff Sergeant Frank Ronghi will be present at the pre-trial hearing which will examine charges of indecent acts with a child and premeditated murder, the US army said in a statement.

The hearing will take place at Camp Bondsteel, where more than 4,000 US troops make up the core of the eastern sector of the NATO-led peacekeeping force KFOR.

Ronghi, 35, was charged on January 16, three days after allegedly killing the young ethnic Albanian girl in the southeastern town of Vitina where his unit was based as part of the KFOR mission.

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