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Albania blames Serb paras for Mitrovica murders

Feb 16, 2000

TIRANA - Albania condemned the killings of Albanians in Mitrovica, the northern Kosovo town, and said that the violence is a result of Belgrade efforts to divide the province into cantons, news-agency ATA has reported.

It accused Serb paramilitary in the town of murdering the Albanian and Bosnian community in the town, as well as killing international peace-keepers.

"The violence in Mitrovica is impeding the normalisation and democratisation of life in Kosovo," Foreign Ministry spokesman Sokol Gjoka told ATA.

He said this shows Belgrade’s interference in the province and its efforts to stir up violence and tension in the province.

"The Albanian diplomatic channels are continuing to follow attentively the developments in Mitrovica, especially where they are accompanied with victims among the Albanians, international peace-keepers and Bosnian families," said Gjoka. "These are acts by the Serb paramilitary operating there.

"The recent developments in Mitrovica prove that Belgrade has not stopped its politics of violence and tension, not renouncing the effort to divide Kosova into cantons," Gjoka said. "This issue must be overcome, refuted because it stirs up instability in the region."

Gjoka added that, "any kind of violence by any force and of any ethnic belonging."

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