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Events in Mitrovica since KFOR deployment

Feb 15, 2000

MITROVICA (AFP) - The biggest town in northern Kosovo, is divided into a mainly Serb zone in the north and an overwhelmingly Albanian zone in the south, with the Ibar River between them. There have been frequent ethnic clashes in the town since the end of NATO bombing in June 1999. Events since then:


June 12: International peacekeeping forces enter Kosovo. A French contingent arrives in Mitrovica on June 17.

June 22: French peacekeepers intervene to stop pillaging and ethnic-cleansing attacks.

July 1: Three Albanians are attacked by three Serbs after they cross the main bridge which has become the symbol of ethnic hatred in the town.

July 3: KFOR troops put up barriers on the main bridge to prevent demonstrators wearing Kosovo Liberation Army colours from coming onto the bridge.

July 7: KFOR allow 5,000 Albanians to cross the main bridge into the north, they march peacefully.

August 7-9: KFOR troops clash with Albanian protesters trying to march in the north.

September 9-10: Several hundred Albanians, KFOR troops and Serbs clash, leaving at least 150 wounded.

October 5: One Serb dies and 10 others wounded in incidents in the south after the funeral of Albanians killed by Serbs in April.

December 16: Six people are wounded, including two American UN policemen, in clashes between Serbs and Albanians.


February 2: Two Serbs are killed in a rocket attack on a bus under KFOR escort near Mitrovica.

February 3-4: Eight die (six Albanians, two Turks) when Serb and Albanian communities clash. Two attacks on Serb cafes in the north leave more than 20 wounded.

February 4-5: Albanian protesters and KFOR troops clash on the main bridge: 16 French soldiers receive minor wounds.

February 7: An Albanian flat in the north is hit by a grenade. About 2,000 Serbs demonstrate against UN Kosovo administrator Bernard Kouchner, charging that he did not provide sufficient protection.

February 12: French and Danish KFOR soldiers close a cafe popular with Serb protesters.

February 13: Seven Albanians are wounded, two seriously, in a grenade attack. Two French soldiers are wounded by snipers. One Albanian sniper is killed and five wounded by KFOR soldiers.

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