Albanian Daily News
Low education performance shows deteriorating standards in capital

Feb 11, 2000

TIRANA - The city and its district are showing signs of deteriorating standards as a result of demographic implosion.

Half of the primary school students are not going to school, as the law is weakly enforced in these areas.

"Many pupils have failed the first grade for two and three successive years," commented Ramazan Gjuzi, the district’s education director.

The problem is sharper in the recently populated centres such as in Bathore and the new villages Zall-Mner, Bulcesh, Grapaj, Arbana and Vaqarr, all villages near to the city, where most of the people from the impoverished north-eastern areas have migrated to.

The education sector has been among those to face a tough challenge with the new demographic trends in Albania, together with infra-structure problems.

The movement of several hundred thousand people into central Albania highlights the needs for new schools in the area.

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