Albanian Daily News
Police and KFOR mark first joint action

Feb 07, 2000

TIRANA - Albanian police and the Kosovo peacekeeping force, KFOR, marked their first cooperation earlier this week, as five Albanian citizens were arrested in Kosovo, a police spokesman said on Friday.

The German KFOR troops manning the Verbnica checkpoint, near Prizren stopped on Thursday five Albanians, each driving a car. Undecided whether the car documents were counterfeited, they asked the Albanian police on the other side border, in the Morina customs, to verify their documents.

The cars were stolen in Kosovo, and the documents were forged or had expired long ago. The Albanians and the cars were taken under the custody of the German military police and the United Nations police.

Tirana authorities have several times demanded to establish cooperation with KFOR to bring before justice scores of Albanian criminals who have escaped recent police blows by fleeing into Kosovo.

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