Albanian Daily News
Weapons collecting commission wants to extend deadline

Feb 04, 2000

TIRANA - The central commission for collection weapons asked the government on Tuesday to extend the deadline for the collection of weapons from the population by three more years.

The present deadline anticipates full disarmament of the population by August 2000.

"The progress in the collection of weapons has not been at the proper level," said Makbule Ceco, deputy Premier who chairs the commission. "We have asked for a postponement to the deadline."

Only a fifth of the estimated 600,000 weapons that were looted from army warehouses in the crisis of 1997 have been collected back by the army, its Chief of Staff, Brigade General Aleks Andoni, said.

The commission was created in 1998 to observe the collection of the weapons. According to the law that was passed that year, the police can force themselves into a house suspected to contain illegal weapons.