Albanian Daily News
Italy seizes ton of Albanian narcotic plants

Feb 03, 2000

TIRANA - Italian police seized on their soil, on Tuesday, more than a tonne of narcotic plants from Albania in two separate operations, Italian news-agency ANSA reported.

In the central-north Italian port of Ancona, the financial police found as many as 444 kilograms of marijuana, concealed inside a truck aboard a ferry coming from Durres. The police arrested the truck driver, a 28-year-old Albanian, after they discovered the narcotic plants. The Italian police reported only the initials of the driver, F.V., and said they had searched the truck after the man had produced false documents for the vehicle.

In a separate police operation in the southern Italy coast of Puglia, the Coast Guard confiscated an Albanian speed-boat with 588 kilograms of marijuana and 50 kilograms of hashish on board. The dinghy was transporting to Italy illegal immigrants, who managed to escape, and the police said they had followed the small vessel immediately after it had set off from the Vlora coast. A 22-year-old man from Vlora carrying a bag full of marijuana and a pistol was arrested by police.