Albanian Daily News
Grenade-toting Kosovar granny foils masked gunmen

Feb 02, 2000

PRISHTINA - An elderly Kosovar woman foiled four armed robbers demanding all her money when she threatened to pull the pin on a hand grenade, UN police spokesman Gilles Moreau said Tuesday.

Four men in masks called at the apartment of an elderly couple in the northeastern town of Podujevo on January 25 and demanded they hand over their money, threatening to stab them if they refused.

The wife, whose identity was not revealed, went to the bedroom and returned with a hand grenade she had found in the garden, while her husband said: "Here’s your 2,000 Deutschmarks."

The men fled in a car, Moreau said. International peacekeeping troops later took charge of the grenade, one of many items of unexploded ordnance still littering the post-war Kosovo.