Albanian Daily News
Make more love

Feb 01, 2000

ATHENS - In an appeal to Greeks to have more children, the outspoken leader of the country’s Orthodox Church said Sunday that married couples should not feel guilty about having sex and may do so without specific intent to conceive.

During a sermon at an Athens church, Archbishop Christodoulos described lovemaking as "a blessed act of marriage."

"It is a gift God has given to man and it should not be considered a sin," he said.

The Church is actively involved in a campaign to reverse Greece’s declining birth rate. In recent years, the trend has forced the closure of scores of primary schools and prompted the government to consider reorganizing pension schemes and compulsory military service.

Last week, Christodoulos said the Orthodox Church might start summer camps for young married couples, allowing them to deepen their relationship and avoid eventually joining the growing number of divorced Greeks.