Albanian Daily News
Belgrade demands lifting of sanctions in 'interest of peace'

Jan 31, 2000

BELGRADE (AFP) - Yugoslavia on Friday demanded that international sanctions imposed on Belgrade be lifted in the "interest of peace and stability" in the region, assistant foreign minister Nebojsa Vujovic said.

"Lift the sanctions, embargos. Give up the policy of isolation and pressure because it is counterproductive," Vujovic said to reporters.

Belgrade has been under a EU air and oil embargo since last May, imposed over Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic’s policy on Kosovo.

Vujovic described the sanctions as the "worst tool against human rights," and branded them as "illegal, since only the United Nations Security Council has the right to impose sanctions."

He lashed out at the NATO-led peacekeeping force (KFOR) and UN civilian mission (UNMIK) administering Kosovo, saying that they have failed to "fulfil their obligations and put an end to the violence" there.

"By their own misdoings, KFOR and UNMIK have become accomplices of the Albanian separatists and terrorists in Kosovo," Vujovic said. "It is absolutely necessary to put a stop to terrorism and to dismiss (ethnic Albanian guerrillas of) the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) and Kosovo Protection Corps (KPC) as a continuation of the KLA activity."

The KPC was formed provisionally in September in a bid to demilitarise the former Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA), whose guerrillas fought Serbian forces for an independent Kosovo.