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Italian firms to challenge Serbia sanctions

Albanian Economic Tribune - Jan 24, 2000

BELGRADE - A new, Italian-led consortium said on Friday it planned to open a trading centre near Belgrade and resume business links with Serbia, in a challenge to international sanctions.

"I sincerely hope that with this consortium we will manage to do something, to break the wall of sanctions and bring Serbia back to where it belongs," said Giuseppe Perniola, president of the Italian MA.GI.GA.s.r.l. export-import society for economic, technical and financial cooperation.

"This initiative is just the tip of an iceberg that has started to melt," Perniola told a news conference in Belgrade.

Perniola spoke on behalf of Italian industrialists from food and metal processing, telecommunications, car and furniture industries, who arrived in Belgrade on Thursday for a three-day visit to discuss forms of cooperation with Serbian firms.

The firms, mainly Italian but also some French, have set up a consortium called Consorzio Europeo Italia. Perniola said it would soon be joined by other western European companies.

"We expect this consortium to embrace the whole of Serbia. Serbs like us and we hope we’ll be able to respond to that affection," said Perniola. "We hope that business will beat politics."

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