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YU official says Kouchner carrying out US anti-Serb policies

Albanian Economic Tribune - Jan 24, 2000

PODGORICA - A Yugoslav official on Friday accused Bernard Kouchner, head of the UN mission in Kosovo, of carrying out the United States’ anti-Serbian policies in the province.

In an interview published in the Montenegrin daily Dan, Stanimir Vukicevic, chairman of the Yugoslav Committee for cooperation with the UN in Kosovo, said: "Kouchner is not a creator of the (Kosovo) policy, he is a mere executor of the US’ one, which is directed against everything Serbian."

Therefore, the conditions for Kouchner’s departure from Kosovo have been met, he said.

Vukicevic accused Kouchner of taking a number of "actions that are direct violations of the UN Security Council Resolution 1244," which were leading "straight to the separation and secession of Kosovo" from Yugoslavia.

The UN Resolution, which ended the conflict in Kosovo and an 11-week NATO bombing campaign against Yugoslavia, defined the conditions for the deployment of the Alliance-led peacekeeping force, KFOR, and administration of Kosovo by the UN mission, UNMIK.

He said Kouchner was leading the Kosovo population into isolation and encouraging the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) leadership’s separatist ambitions for the province, said Vukicevic.

The KLA, officially demilitarised in September, is considered a terrorist organisation by Belgrade.

Some 250,000 Serbs and Montenegrins have left Kosovo, while 1,400 have been either kidnapped or killed, Vukicevic said, adding that "none of those who had committed such crimes has been brought to justice."

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