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Flu kills dozens in YU

Albanian Economic Tribune - Jan 19, 2000

BELGRADE - The flu epidemic raging in Yugoslavia over the past three weeks has killed dozens of people, but seems to be ebbing, media reported.

Flu killed at least nine people in the northern city of Subotica, the Belgrade daily Glas reported. It also listed several other towns in Serbia and Montenegro - the two Yugoslav republics - where hospitals also recorded increased deaths from the flu.

The latest official estimate of cases of flu put the number of people affected at 82,000 in Serbia and 44,000 in Montenegro, but real figures are likely higher because many flu victims do not go to a doctor.

On Friday, 2,602 new cases were recorded in Belgrade - the first decrease in daily rate since the outbreak began last month. Health authorities said this may be an indication the epidemic could be over in a week or two.

In the southwestern town of Uzice, the number of deaths rose by about 20 percent over the last three weeks, local health officials said. A similar increase was reported in the northern town of Novi Sad, also as apparent consequence of the flu epidemic.

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