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Police collect arsenal of weapons from Berat villages

Albanian Economic Tribune - Jan 14, 2000

BERAT - Police have collected an arsenal of weapons and ammunition in raids this year in four villages in this district, news-agency ATA reported.

Thirty-nine automatic rifles, 85 guns, nearly 800,000 cartridges, 348 hand-grenades, a light machine-gun, a light anti-tank grenade launcher, 12 GHL-type shells and other ammunition were collected in Palikesht, Sedovica, Sheqes and Ura Vajgurore, the Interior Ministry was quoted as saying.

Berat is an area plagued by crime, where police still lack effective control. But they say they have collected 300 weapons of several kinds and about a million cartridges in the last two years.

Many Albanians possess weapons looted during the anarchy that swept the country in 1997, when angry protesters attacked military depots and bases.

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