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Serbia criticises UN for aid disparity

Albanian Economic Tribune - Jan 14, 2000

BELGRADE - There is a huge disproportion between the aid granted by the international organisations to Kosovo with that given to Serbia to deal with refugees, Yugoslav state news agency said in a commentary.

Tanjug said that the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and 12 humanitarian and other UN agencies have allocated in the past year one billion dollars in aid to "the Albanian population of Kosovo."

A bulletin of the UNHCR office in Prishtina said that the specialized agency and 12 other UN agencies active in Kosovo had secured at first $689m in 1999, and with an additional appeal in July, when hundreds of thousands of Kosovo refugees returned home, an additional $333m, the news agency said.

Around one million Albanian Kosovars were driven out of the province in a crackdown of the Serbian security and army troops. Hundreds of thousands homes were looted and destroyed, turning into a scorched earth.

"When the alleged humanitarian disaster of the Albanian population stage-managed by the KLA (Kosovo Liberation Army) and the UNHCR acquired the proportions of 200,000 displaced Albanians, it served as a pretext for NATO threats to Yugoslavia and for introducing huge funds into Kosovo under the cover of humanitarian aid," Tanjug said.

UNHCR secured for close to 700,000 refugees in Serbia and in Montenegro in the past year around $40m, and the same amount was allocated in 1998. In 2000, UNHCR has secured for almost one million refugees and displaced persons in Yugoslavia $71m.

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