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Kosovo Serb leaders meet diplomats

Albanian Economic Tribune - Jan 13, 2000

BELGRADE - Two Kosovo Serb leaders opposed to the Yugoslav authorities, Archbishop Artemije and Momcilo Trajkovic, on Tuesday met Western and Russian diplomats in Belgrade, Beta news agency reported.

The talks, organised by the Italian embassy, focussed on Kosovo and the results of a Serbian opposition meeting on Monday Artemije and Trajkovic attended, the agency said. Diplomats from the European Commission, Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, Portugal and Russia were at Tuesday’s talks, Beta said.

"They expressed pleasure with the successful beginning of the process of unification of the democratic opposition in Serbia, and we explained the content of the documents signed Monday," Trajkovic told Beta.

The main Serbian opposition parties adopted a document, calling on the international community to demand respect for UN Security Council resolutions on Kosovo, the security of Serbs and non-Albanians in the province, and the free return of those who had fled since last June withdrawal of Yugoslav forces from Kosovo.

Trajkovic said the diplomats had emphasised the importance of Serb participation in the UN-sponsored joint administration in Kosovo, as a means of resolving Serb problems in the province.

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