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Bosnian family slain in Kosovo

Albanian Economic Tribune - Jan 13, 2000

PRISHTINA - Four members of a Bosnian family were shot dead in their own home in the southern Kosovo town of Prizren by unknown gunmen, UN police said Wednesday.

Police said the victims, a couple in their fifties, their 21-year-old daughter and a grandmother in her late seventies, were killed in the early hours of Tuesday.

UN police said they were Serbo-Croat speaking Muslims of Bosnian origin. The daughter’s body was found in the yard of the house, while all the others were inside. Police said they knew of no motive for the attack. Slav-speaking Moslems such as the Bosnians have been the targets of attacks by ethnic Albanians, who accuse them of collaborating in Serb repression.

The head of the United Nations mission in Kosovo, Bernard Kouchner said he was sickened by the attack: "(This) outrageous attack is an irreparable crime against the family, the national community of Bosniacs and against Kosovo itself.

"If Kosovo is a land that tolerates violence then we have failed in the eyes of the world," Kouchner said in a statement. "Everyone in Kosovo must unite to end this intolerance. Everyone must choose a less brutal path to resolve their differences. This is the only way that Kosovo can succeed."

Kosovo has been troubled by revenge attacks against Serbs and other Slav minorities since international peacekeepers took over Kosovo in June. Some 250,000 non-Albanians are thought to have fled the province since then. The ethnic Albanian majority suffered a decade of repression by Belgrade after its autonomy was scrapped in 1989, followed by mass persecution during NATO’s three-month air war last year to oust Serb forces.

UN officials and officers from the NATO-led KFOR peacekeeping force are always keen to stress, however, that the violence has declined substantially since its peak in the early days of the international presence in Kosovo.

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