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Serbian opposition demands army return

Albanian Economic Tribune - Jan 12, 2000

BELGRADE - The Serbian opposition appealed on Monday to the foreign ministers of the EU, the US, Russia, and China to fully implement the Security Council resolution on Kosovo and allow "Serbian soldiers and police" to return there.

Representatives of 17 opposition parties or coalitions agreed in Belgrade to begin joint protests on 9 March to demand that Serbian and Yugoslav elections be held at all levels by the end of April.

The opposition representatives called for an end to "state terror" and "repressive laws." The signatories agreed to "cooperate in preparing for the elections, as well as during and after those elections."

The opposition leaders added that they intend to "institutionalise" cooperation among themselves. They demanded equality between Serbia and Montenegro and decentralization of political power at all levels. Signatories included representatives of Vojvodina, Sandzak, and Kosovo’s Serbian minority.

The opposition demanded that the Kosovo protection force KFOR protect "the state boundaries of Yugoslavia and Serbia with Albania and Macedonia" in Kosovo.

They called for an end to lawlessness there and for the return of all refugees and displaced persons.

Kosovo Serb leader Momcilo Trajkovic told BBC’s Serbian Service that he is pleased with the opposition’s stand on Kosovo. Serbian Orthodox Archbishop Artemije also represented the Kosovo Serbs at the opposition meeting.

The opposition leaders appealed in their agreement for international aid for "about one million refugees in Serbia and Montenegro and for the more than two million (Yugoslav) citizens who live on the brink of starvation."

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