Sergeyev meets YU defense minister

BELGRADE, December 23 (Itar-Tass) - Visiting Russian Defense Minister Marshal Igor Sergeyev met his Yugoslav counterpart Pavle Bulatovic in Belgrade on Thursday to discuss the situation in Kosovo and the entire Balkan region.

The talks focused on the U.N Security Council resolution 1244 and its implementation and revealed an identity of views on the Kosovo problem.

"We thoroughly analyzed the provisions of this document (resolution 1244), Yugoslavia's military-technological agreement with NATO signed in the town of Kumanovo, and the Helsinki accords," Sergeyev told journalists.

However, the Helsinki-reached agreement to deploy the Russian peacekeepers in Kosovo has never been fully implemented. Appeased by KFOR and the U.N mission, the Kosovo Albanians invented pretexts not to let the Russian paratroopers into the town of Orahovac, Sergeyev said.

Sergeyev's opinion was shared by Yugoslav Defense Minister Pavle Bulatovic. Both defense ministers stated that neither KFOR nor the U.N mission were complying with resolution 1244.

After talks with the Yugoslav military leaders, Marshal Sergeyev left for a meeting with Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic.

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