Russo-Yugoslav cooperation committee meets in Belgrade

BELGRADE, December 12 (Itar-Tass) - The fourth sitting of the Russo-Yugoslav Committee on the Economic, Scientific and Technical Cooperation began in Belgrade on Sunday to give a fresh impetus to the bilateral relations. The Russian delegation to the sitting is led by Minister of Economics Andrei Shapovalyants, while the Yugoslav side is led by Foreign Trade Minister Borislav Vukovic.

The sitting was started by delegations in full, and continued with the activity of working commissions for industries,transport, agriculture, construction, finance, the military- technical cooperation, oil, gas, health care, science and technology. Deputy Chairman of the Russian Governmental Commission for the Yugoslav Economic Restorations Vladimir Potanin is attending the sitting, too.

The sides will discuss a free trade regime and the bilateral cooperation, including the supply of Russian fuel to Yugoslavia. Sources in the Russian delegation told Itar-Tass, they would focus on the participation of Russian companies in restorations of the Yugoslav economy stricken by NATO air raids and the creation of joint ventures. Bearing in mind the on-going isolation of Yugoslavia, there won't be any international tenders in future and Russia will have to make initiatives itself. The 150 million dollar credit against goods, given almost two years ago but used partially, is bound to play a certain role. The credit was meant for the modernization of energy and mining industries, built with the assistance of Moscow.

The death of Croat President Franjo Tudzman made certain corrections in the visit program. The delegation was expected to go to Zagreb on Monday, but the sitting in the Croat capital was canceled due to the burial of Tudzman. So, the delegation will return from Belgrade to Moscow on Monday.

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