OSCE summit urges respect for Yugoslav integrity

ISTANBUL, November 19 (Itar-Tass) - When the Kosovo problem was discussed at the OSCE summit in Istanbul, it was registered that the principle of Yugoslavia's territorial integrity should be implemented stringently by all in full volume. Russian ForeignMinister Igor Ivanov stated this in answer to a question of Itar- Tass.

"It is very important that the final declaration says it is impermissible to set up a monoethnic entity, that it is impermissible to drive people out of the Kosovo territory on a basis nationality and religion, the minister said.

The minister believes it is very important that the final resolution includes the provision that people who were forced to leave their native places in Kosovo should return.

Ivanov confirmed that leader of the Serb opposition Vuk Draskovic arrives in Moscow at his invitation on November 25.


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