Albanian Daily News - Dec 21

Cooperation with Serbian-run hospital suspended

Albanian Economic Tribune

PRISHTINA - The UN in Kosovo has suspended cooperation with a hospital in Mitrovica, where Serbian staff have refused to work with ethnic Albanian doctors, a UN officials said.

The UN pulled out Saturday after 700 doctors and nurses, refused to work with 22 ethnic Albanian doctors drafted in to the hospital, said Steffan de Mistura, the UN’s administrator for the divided northern town. The Serbian staff were acting under orders from Belgrade, he said.

Frenchman Francois Cremieux, who the UN had put in charge of the hospital, will instead set up a new medical centre in the north of the town, using back-up from the medical supplies in the south, Mistura added.

Serbian medical have consistently refused to work with the ethnic Albanian medical staff.

They have also been demanding safe access to medical dispensaries in the ethnic Albanian-dominated southern part of the town.

The hospital was the only one in this divided town until Tuesday, when soldiers from the NATO-led Kosovo force (KFOR) set up a dispensary.

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