Albanian Daily News - Dec 21

Albanians boycott local radio station over airtime

Albanian Economic Tribune

Kosovapress, the news agency of the former Kosovo Liberation Army protested at the United Nations decision to assign the same airtime to Albanians and Serbs in a local radio in the eastern Kosovo town of Kamenica.

Below are excerpts of the commentary.

KAMENICA - In the Cultural Centre in Kamenica, there is fairly modern equipment for the operation of a radio station. But the matter has reached deadlock because of disagreements between UNMIK and the municipal council, although they did not have direct contact on this matter.

There were some indirect contacts through the employees appointed by the municipal council to put the radio station into operation.

The municipal council had appointed 15 people for this, while KFOR and UNMIK accepted only seven, some who were not even on the list. After the testing of those appointed by the municipality council, UNMIK and KFOR accepted only those without any qualifications, omitting all the municipality council’s appointees for the management positions.

After a considerable delay, the matter was compromised further when UNMIK... informed the selected Albanian applicants that the ethnic ratio of Serbs and Albanians employed at the station would be fifty-fifty and that the airtime would be shared fifty-fifty.

At a meeting of the municipal council, the UNMIK deputy administrator for Kamenica said that "the station will not be the property of the municipality, but of UNMIK and KFOR, who will finance it."

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