Albanian Daily News - Nov 08

Kosovo Serb Delegation to Visit US in December

Albanian Economic Tribune
BELGRADE - A delegation of Kosovo Serbs will visit the United States in mid-December to discuss persecution of the Serb minority in the province, independent daily Glas Javnosti reported.

The 20-strong delegation has been invited by the American Peace Institute and will have meetings at the Senate, the State Department and UN headquarters in New York, the paper quoted Kosovo Serb leader Momcilo Trajkovic as saying.

Trajkovic is head of the Serb Resistance Movement and a long-standing opponent of Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic.

At the end of October he was named President of the National Council of Serbs (SNV), a body representing the interests of Kosovo’s Serb minority. Last Sunday he was shot in the leg at his home in Prishtina. Two Kosovo Albanians are being sought in connection with the attack.

A delegation of Serb politicians from the opposition Alliance for Change has just ended a visit to the US, where it was looking for support in its campaign against Milosevic and for protection of Kosovo’s Serb population.

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