Albanian Daily News - Nov 02

Four Detained in Swoop on Kosovo Arms Smugglers

Albanian Economic Tribune

TRIESTE, Italy - Italian and Swiss police have cracked a ring of arms smugglers who shipped weapons to Kosovo rebels under the guise of humanitarian aid and made four arrests, AFP news agency said on Friday, quoting police sources.

Two Albanians were detained in Switzerland on arms trafficking charges and two others in Milan for pimping, abetting and assistance in illegal immigration. Two more people were still wanted.

Searches were carried out in the northern Italian regions of Lombardy, Tuscany and Venezia in connection with the case.

Investigators said the weapons were shipped from Switzerland via Italy to Albania from where they were passed on to militia operating in Kosovo during the conflict with Belgrade.

One of the Albanian suspects was co-ordinator for the Lucerne-based humanitarian organisation H.W.V. Mutter Theresa, the German name of the late Albania-born Mother Teresa.